Friend’s wife fuck hard in Saare

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Sumita was my partner’s wife. We are not only partners, but we are childhood friend. We both got married almost same and have same age kids. Whatever we do, we do altogether. But Sumita’s husband, my friend Prashant got diseased and Sumita has lost her sexual life. She was young and very beautiful. Sometime, I use to think how she were managing all these.
One day, when Prashant was not in office. She came to office and done some work. Office time was already over and it was raining outside. I and Sumita sat for hours. We were talking and I kept my hand on her shoulder. As i pressed her shoulder, she started moaning. I understood that she is desired for sex and in next 10 minutes, we are nude and in each other arms. I fucked her whole night and we both enjoyed.